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first resin parts arrive

got some resin parts today – the plus side is they are more economical, but the negative is the chrome paint is less convincing than actual metal. some of these parts though are painted blue, and others are beyond the capabilities of my tools I think.    

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Coin slots of doom…

So yesterday I decided it was time to attempt the detail on R2 that everyone call’s the coin slots. I don’t know if that’s what they really are – and they are used in Star Wars a few places including Darth Vader, but that is what people call them. here are Darth’s   anyway – … Continue reading »

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Peace of Mind

Today I checked my calipers against 2 other metal rulers that I had.  The calipers were dead on at 1″ on both rulers and both rulers measured the printout of the shoulder blueprint as slightly small.  So that is a relief to know where the problem lies.   now to solve the mystery of the … Continue reading »

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Rockler teardown and bearing change

so yesterday I got a package of supplies from McMaster Carr and one of the things I got was a set of acetal 5/16 inch bearings to replace the metal ones in the Rockler bearing. I’m not sure why they work, but the inner ring spins a lot more freely with these plastic bearings. The … Continue reading »

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so yesterday’s box that I thought was electronics was a hose braid, and today’s box that I thought was ball bearings was a super awesome surprise! I knew from the sender what it was supposed to be, but the box was way smaller than I expected. Bomb sniffing cats were on the scene but nestled … Continue reading »

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Hose Braid arrives

in a stroke of luck I saw someone else ask about the hoses and asked my own question which led me to a supplier for this sweet hose braid which arrived yesterday  

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Shoulder Hydraulics II: The Moment of Truth

so day two and three of the shoulder hydraulics continue… When I left the parts they looked like this -I had just knurled the middle bits so then I cut in the slots and set up the steady rest to try to cut them apart – the problem here is that there is a little … Continue reading »

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Shoulder Hydraulics

on the opposite side of R2’s shoulders are the little metal rods that I decided to try to do next. most of these parts are pretty simple lathe work, but there are a lot of corners that took a long time.   The most difficult part of this piece will be milling the flat sides which … Continue reading »

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Shoulder Buttons

R2 has these little round buttons on his shoulders that you can see in this illustration     since my last aluminum part was a little more difficult than I expected, I thought these might be a good part to attempt next since there is not a lot to them and NO assembly!  There were … Continue reading »

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Under Shoulder Details

R2 has a little metal handle looking thing under his legs on both sides. here is a set someone else made: I was inspired by these to try to make a set for my R2. At first everything was going fine… ; well pretty much right up to this point everything was going great. When … Continue reading »

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