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more supplies.

Supplies! by kimncris, on Flickr got my supplies today. The piece I really needed was the 1.25″ aluminum stock there in the middle. That piece of metal cost $26 so that was a bit of a sting, but on the other hand I’m only using at most 1/3 of the piece so that’s only maybe … Continue reading »

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dome bumps

well today I wanted a project that could be done in a couple of hours and I am still waiting for my 1.25″ aluminum for the end caps to my cylinders. So I brought the 300mm dome out of hibernation and got to work on some dome bumps. the first thing I noticed was these … Continue reading »

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Ankle cylinders started

well I decided to go ahead and give it a try I started by trying to make my tubing bigger by doubling it up I cut the first one down the length cut slit by kimncris, on Flickr and with a crapload of pushing and a little blood sacrifice I got the end in blood … Continue reading »

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pondering ankle cylinders

so now that my leg struts are done and I missed the side vents run, I’m thinking about the other runs that are going or coming up… One of the parts that I was thinking of jumping on was the extra ankle cylinders. However I have also been eyeing this tube I had in the … Continue reading »

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Leg Struts part 4

today I was determined to finish these parts. I started the day cutting 1.125″ lengths of my 1″ bar stock cut 1.125 length by kimncris, on Flickr converted the lathe to mill so I could drill the holes DSC05992 by kimncris, on Flickr found my center for the button hole find center by kimncris, on … Continue reading »

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LegStruts part 3

Today I had a chance to finish my second strut topper piece. I did this one the same as the previous one, completing my set of two.  Now I needed to move on to the square bit at the end but I don’t have any square stock. however no sooner had I quit for the … Continue reading »

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I got these hardboard horseshoe parts from someone who no longer needed them. I’m not 100% sure who made them but I’ll do a search on the forums and see if I can find out. They look like they need just a tiny bit of cleanup where the strange paper layer got torn out at … Continue reading »

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Struts part 2

today I attempted to make my two strut topper pieces, but I was having so much trouble with the lathe I only got one done starting the long process by kimncris, on Flickr here you can see I was getting chatter. I don’t know why but it was ruining my part. I thought using carbide … Continue reading »

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LegStruts part 1

started two new parts today. I did not get too far in 6 hours which sucked a little, but at least the parts seem ok. The next bits will make them look a little more like leg struts… this needs to fit in there… by kimncris, on Flickr the plan was to fit the .5″ … Continue reading »

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North Texas Prop Party

yesterday we went to the North Texas Prop Party hosted by our friend Phillip who also owns and runs the website Rebelscum. He has an amazing shop and collection and invites friends from around Texas and Oklahoma to his shop to share props and stories. here was our contribution Here Kim shows how we guessed … Continue reading »

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