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drivetrain test

Chris “Ubergeek” was in town this weekend so I wanted to test my drive while he was here because he brought a battery! Unfortunately my drive was not done yet – so I rushed through (5 hours of rushing) finishing one side roughly so that I could turn the motor over and see if it … Continue reading »

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drivetrain progress

I continued today trying to assemble a wood drive system where do the wheels go? by kimncris, on Flickr wheel by kimncris, on Flickr I cut a notch in one board that mates with the top panel, and then a second one that just sits flush under the top piece 2nd board cut by kimncris, … Continue reading »

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starting outer feet

I walked into the garage today with a little time to work on R2 – looked at the frame pieces scattered across my desk and then decided to procrastinate some more and try to make the outer feet innards so first I had to cobble together a temporary foot shell so that I have something … Continue reading »

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front wheels

well I found a friend in CA that can get my stuff waterjet cut for me so in the mean time I started working on the feet insides maybe also in the mean time I can work on the frame so that I do not have to build a plastic shell for the outside feet … Continue reading »

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feet shell temp

my attempts to get some waterjet cutting quotes have so far been unsuccessful which puts me in the place of having to wait which I’m not fond of too much, so I thought I’d try to make a sintra temporary foot shell so that I can work on my feet internals in the mean time … Continue reading »

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