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Center vents – dry fit

tonight I messed around with the center vent kit a bit- I need to find the instructions that you can see pictured below, or just some better reference because I stopped short of gluing anything. the main question – which housing is the upper and which is the lower? I can tell the fins of … Continue reading »

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second foot done

spent some time working on my feet today the first one my holes did not line up so well, so for this one i used a translucent plastic scrap to make a guide holes by kimncris, on Flickr holes pattern by kimncris, on Flickr which worked! brackets by kimncris, on Flickr I left a little … Continue reading »

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center vent kit by BobC

  got my center vent kit yesterday thanks to BobC who coordinated the run.  With this, there should be nothing preventing me from working on the body section next…

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second foot

back from comic-con, I get a start on my second foot this weekend. It is so ungodly hot here that it made things slow going, but I got as far as the wheels installed and the longer of the two chain drives made. I tried to copy the first one as best as I could … Continue reading »

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drivetrain revised

today I reversed the drive gears and now it runs a little slower I think. Also I cleaned up the mounting bracket and added some spacers. This one is pretty much done I guess. revised by kimncris, on Flickr close up by kimncris, on Flickr life would be sweet if I didn’t have to start … Continue reading »

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