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One Year

last test before the holidays I finally got all of the electronics in place, wired through the slip ring to the dome and connected to the real battery source. This was the goal all along, to have one power source. boy is it heavy now BTW – but it works! Its been a year now … Continue reading »

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teeces kit assembled and working – mostly

I progressed some more with the lights tonight I started assembling the front logics components front logics by kimncris, on Flickr and tested the power before getting too far working test by kimncris, on Flickr when I hooked them up as a single chain they both worked but the one on the right was acting … Continue reading »

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dome electronics

here’s something I hate about texas rust! grr by kimncris, on Flickr other people who live here and have shops – how do you keep the rust from ruining your stuff? Many of my tools have begun to rust and this never happened the entire time we lived in LA anyway I re-ordered and got … Continue reading »

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electronics back in

I started putting my electronics back in now that I have my switch panel installed before I did that I hooked up my old one to make sure it was still working and took a few pictures to help me remember how to reassemble it before pics 1 by kimncris, on Flickr before pics 2 … Continue reading »

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skirt attached, switches installed

I mounted up the skirt today and added my power compartment before I glued down the skirt I drilled some holes to mate with the mounting blocks drill mounting holes by kimncris, on Flickr then I glued on my thin circle of styrene. glue bottom skin by kimncris, on Flickr to temporarily set it and … Continue reading »

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