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I went ahead and attempted to fix my existing boxes rather than cut down spec parts this also allowed me the chance to try to fix a little wonkyness that existed in the first ones as well cut lines by kimncris, on Flickr this one had not been painted yet so it was the guinea … Continue reading »

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minor setback

if the feet curse hasn’t been bad enough already – tonight I noticed another mistake which will cause me to have to start over again on parts thought done… This is what I get for committing to events before R2 is done. anyway over the last week or so I have been trying to get … Continue reading »

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half moons and code testing

tonight I kept plugging away at my half moons half moons by kimncris, on Flickr attach to panels by kimncris, on Flickr evercoat by kimncris, on Flickr and tested some new code Dan sent me code mods by kimncris, on Flickr the code works great! I did notice a couple of problems tonight though – … Continue reading »

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first outing

had r2’s first outing today. it was a good warmup for the maker fest in a couple of weeks which is also a long drive away. got R2 all padded and disguised for the road trip disguise by kimncris, on Flickr and after 2 other nice people helped me lift him down from the truck, … Continue reading »

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Test Drive

tested out the drive tonight making a dip switch adjustment on the sabertooth. MUCH less herky jerky after that and making a tension adjustment at the chain. I hadn’t built that in, so there’s not much I can do there, but I added a screw under the bracket which is helping for now. DanF also … Continue reading »

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Back on 3 legs

this weekend I wanted to get R2 driving if I was to have any chance of making the prop party and the maker fest in the next few weeks. Plus we are having visitors, so he needs to be presentable. I had to take apart my feet to get them into the shells take apart … Continue reading »

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foot strips

I made my outer feet doors, half moon is still temp but it seems like they will look ok test by kimncris, on Flickr my supplies from amazon arrived so I could make my foot strips new supplies by kimncris, on Flickr the metal is listed weirdly on amazon which made it a little harder … Continue reading »

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half moon test and door magnets

well I’m pressing on with the feet I sanded the bondo tonight and added some touch ups sanded feet by kimncris, on Flickr also I attempted a half moon seems ok by kimncris, on Flickr still seems ok by kimncris, on Flickr door test with half moon by kimncris, on Flickr hidden behind the half … Continue reading »

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Agony of De-feet

One thing to note – always wear safety glasses when using superglue! I was gluing one of these parts and glue sprayed out unecxpectedly right in my face! Luckily I was wearing my glasses. Now there is a spot on them – but at least not in my eye. so here we go – outside … Continue reading »

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dome communication!

today my second attempt at a backup controller arrived and it works! second controller works! by kimncris, on Flickr the cool thing is that it works even with the original dongle. The bad thing might also be the same thing. Did I just get extremely lucky or are there not very many different controller models … Continue reading »

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