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Dallas R2 meetup

today was Jame’s open house for Dallas builders. I love being able to talk to other builders who are solving the sames problems I might be having. but first I spent a couple of hours trying to find a better way to get R2 into the truck. I modified my hand truck to fit r2 … Continue reading »

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Van De Graff Generator

I was watching youtube the other day and came across this video which¬† made me think that my static electricity build up may be coming from rubbing between the tires and wood feet? Or the steel axles and wood feet? Something called the Triboelectric effect. but where is the generation happening?¬† What I do know … Continue reading »

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Cure Duchenne

today on adventures in R2 – broken chain! I took R2 to the Cure Duchenne event in Dallas this weekend. It started off well enough, but the thick textured carpet may have been extra trouble. Cure Duchenne by kimncris, on Flickr Cure Duchenne by kimncris, on Flickr Claw machine by kimncris, on Flickr Prize machine … Continue reading »

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