arms installed

Posted by on May 19, 2015

yesterday I finished mission, get something into those two big doors for C7.

I had a reject computer arm thanks to the kindness of James, (it was rejected before finishing) so I lathed the lines in (more or less)

lathe by kimncris, on Flickr

and i got it mounted in the right side panel with a scratch made breadpan

right by kimncris, on Flickr

but making that breadpan was a chore. so for the left side I tried printing one according to the senna plans

3dprint by kimncris, on Flickr

and it came out really good on the first try! I had to trim down the wood inside r2 a tiny bit, but other than that, a nice fit.

pan by kimncris, on Flickr

and last weekend’s project with a quickie arm to go with it, and I have a nifty grabber claw

armandpan by kimncris, on Flickr.

left by kimncris, on Flickr

neither one “does” anything of course, but at least the see through holes are gone when you (i’m looking at you little kids) open the panels

I think this is it until after C7.


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