center vents

big weekend

I had a nice weekend of nothing else to do to speak of, so I spent some time on R2 when I went to put the back door on I noticed that my fittings were starting to rust. Funny that the bar itself never rusted – it must have had a coating on it. anyway … Continue reading »

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center vents and leg hubs

today I finished up the BobC center vents kit. Thanks Sigge for those drawings, they were a big help.there was a little bit of discoloration, so I polished them a bit with steel wool steel wool by kimncris, on Flickr and used CA glue to assemble the parts glue by kimncris, on Flickr glue by … Continue reading »

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Center vents – dry fit

tonight I messed around with the center vent kit a bit- I need to find the instructions that you can see pictured below, or just some better reference because I stopped short of gluing anything. the main question – which housing is the upper and which is the lower? I can tell the fins of … Continue reading »

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