Prep for the 11th annual Maker Faire

In preparation for the Maker Faire I wanted to have some improvements over last year. I have been doing quite a bit, but not much documentation. I replaced my old light system with the fiber optics offered on the astromech forum. They are much nicer, but caused me power problems. I have rewired a little … Continue reading »

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Van De Graff Generator

I was watching youtube the other day and came across this video which  made me think that my static electricity build up may be coming from rubbing between the tires and wood feet? Or the steel axles and wood feet? Something called the Triboelectric effect. but where is the generation happening?  What I do know … Continue reading »

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Happy Dance!

So Happy!! Tonight I worked on getting the door lock actuator working so I could finally have my fire extinguisher effect. essentially I just replaced the weak solenoid with the awesome door lock motor that Victor recommended.  I got this one on Amazon for about $7 and free shipping! rigged up by kimncris, on Flickr … Continue reading »

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mist fail

well I guess with a success has to come a failure… I thought now that my servos are possible that I would try to get the mist effect working. I know that soleniod and arduino are dangerous bedfellows – and seeing how victor and mike did theirs basically just powering the solenoid with 12v via … Continue reading »

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servo control – activate!

finally – an R2 success! yesterday I finally got up the nerve to redo my wiring with my screwshield that Randy recommended about a year ago. screwshield parts by kimncris, on Flickr assemble by kimncris, on Flickr I hard wired in this little jumper circuit so that I could add or take away the 10k … Continue reading »

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Holo projector control

adventuring off into lands I know nothing about, today I tried to make my front HP servo work. DSC08559 by kimncris, on Flickr After reading through DanF’s code I wired up my servo on analog pin 2 I had to attach some pin headers to my arduino pro mini to help with the connections DSC08561 … Continue reading »

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dirty robot

been working on dirt the last couple of weekends. I hated to do this because he looked so sharp all shiny and white, but it had to be done. here is a goodbye pic getting ready to weather by kimncris, on Flickr I also repaired my front ankle locks which broke last event. clean foot … Continue reading »

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back from all-con had lots of droiding fun kim r2 smile by kimncris, on Flickr 501st photo by kimncris, on Flickr doctor fixes r2 by kimncris, on Flickr r2 dalek by kimncris, on Flickr girl by kimncris, on Flickr r2 girl by kimncris, on Flickr jawa by kimncris, on Flickr boy by kimncris, on Flickr … Continue reading »

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magic panel stuck in place

I siliconed on the magic panel and “silver” plastic cover. It looks a little white-ish in person but in photos it is not so bad. Still does nothing of course. Magic no flash by kimncris, on Flickr Magic flash by kimncris, on Flickr with that – R2 is off to All-Con to see how he … Continue reading »

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Holo LIGHT! Whine GONE!

I spent some time not doing my taxes tonight and re-programming R2 Finally after a few mis-steps – the Front Holo Projector is working! HP working by kimncris, on Flickr also very speedy delivery from Dustoff302 – I received his RCA connector version of the Ground Loop Isolator. it works like a charm! No more … Continue reading »

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