charge bay

charging and data port logics completed

last night and tonight I wanted to finish up the charge bay and data logics to get the A and A panel SK-10 to fit my wooden frame first I had to remove the walls I had glued in around the panel sides remove walls to get it to fit by kimncris, on Flickr then … Continue reading »

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charge bay indicators

since my A and A kit did not fit so well I decided to make just the backplate instead of mangling the nice kit. I transferred the layout to a piece of 1/8″ aluminum layout by kimncris, on Flickr drilled 1/8″ holes holes by kimncris, on Flickr this was as big as I could get … Continue reading »

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friday night lights

I got my voltage regulators today, so I tried building one like suggested on my breadboard voltage regulator by kimncris, on Flickr 5 volts from 9! by kimncris, on Flickr and after seeing that work I wanted to transfer it to my protoboard DSC07712 by kimncris, on Flickr but it didn’t work what I didn’t … Continue reading »

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blinky blinky

here is the wingshield that Kim got for me some assembly required! wing shield by kimncris, on Flickr also today I did a test on E6000 silicone glue since I ran out of my GE silicone. This stuff is STRONG! I can really pull on these two pieces and they are not going anywhere. I … Continue reading »

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