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Holo projector control

adventuring off into lands I know nothing about, today I tried to make my front HP servo work. DSC08559 by kimncris, on Flickr After reading through DanF’s code I wired up my servo on analog pin 2 I had to attach some pin headers to my arduino pro mini to help with the connections DSC08561 … Continue reading »

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dome communication!

today my second attempt at a backup controller arrived and it works! second controller works! by kimncris, on Flickr the cool thing is that it works even with the original dongle. The bad thing might also be the same thing. Did I just get extremely lucky or are there not very many different controller models … Continue reading »

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dome lights problem fixed!

while tweaking the code this week I’ve also been trying to get a head start on the other two feet starting outside feet by kimncris, on Flickr milling slots by kimncris, on Flickr halfway there by kimncris, on Flickr but I haven’t gotten very far yet with that. on the brighter side I have got … Continue reading »

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a few items came in the mail today my new mad catz controller – used from Ebay a panel mount XLR connector for the charge bay (which maybe is waiting at the post office) mad catz controller by kimncris, on Flickr and Kim’s adafruit order came in which contained my wingshield kit to hardwire in … Continue reading »

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