battery boxes

legs done

tonight I set my sights on finishing the legs and feet Since I haven’t used the lathe in a while, i thought it would be fun to trim off the excess hose fitting threads that way lathe excess by kimncris, on Flickr new length by kimncris, on Flickr DSC08116 by kimncris, on Flickr also these … Continue reading »

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I went ahead and attempted to fix my existing boxes rather than cut down spec parts this also allowed me the chance to try to fix a little wonkyness that existed in the first ones as well cut lines by kimncris, on Flickr this one had not been painted yet so it was the guinea … Continue reading »

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minor setback

if the feet curse hasn’t been bad enough already – tonight I noticed another mistake which will cause me to have to start over again on parts thought done… This is what I get for committing to events before R2 is done. anyway over the last week or so I have been trying to get … Continue reading »

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