electronics back in

I started putting my electronics back in now that I have my switch panel installed before I did that I hooked up my old one to make sure it was still working and took a few pictures to help me remember how to reassemble it before pics 1 by kimncris, on Flickr before pics 2 … Continue reading »

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the battery arrived today, and some 2″ screws for holding the skins to the frame. I like that the small posts on the battery are threaded. That seems like it will make attaching the main wires to it pretty easy. Sally is now waiting for me to get rid of this thing that is in … Continue reading »

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endcaps done … more supplies

when we left off I had lathed the round parts so I painted them R2 purple (I have no idea why it looks so blue in photos. It is really strange!) and scribed the edges of the knobs by eye marked up by kimncris, on Flickr then I started milling. It took a while to … Continue reading »

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more supplies.

Supplies! by kimncris, on Flickr got my supplies today. The piece I really needed was the 1.25″ aluminum stock there in the middle. That piece of metal cost $26 so that was a bit of a sting, but on the other hand I’m only using at most 1/3 of the piece so that’s only maybe … Continue reading »

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