mist fail

Posted by on October 27, 2013

well I guess with a success has to come a failure…

I thought now that my servos are possible that I would try to get the mist effect working.

I know that soleniod and arduino are dangerous bedfellows – and seeing how victor and mike did theirs basically just powering the solenoid with 12v via the remote, I thought maybe I could try a low tech solution.

it seems a servo is not strong enough to pull the trigger on the air can, so the theory was to hook a switch up to the solenoid straight to the 12v battery

that worked

Untitled by kimncris, on Flickr

push the button – solenoid pulls.

one problem – when the solenoid releases – the voltage spike causes a pop in the sound system and the holo servo twitches.

this was partly fixed with a little diode I ripped out of a broken swiffer vac. The pop is gone, but the servo twitch still happens. I figure the salvage diode is not the right size – but at least it is an improvement.

Untitled by kimncris, on Flickr

then finally with the electric working a test…

Untitled by kimncris, on Flickr

but alas – the solenoid is nowhere near strong enough to fire the can. I got the most powerful one they have at adafruit, but no way. I’ll have to look for one like Victor and Mike are using.

too bad too – because It looks really cool to have the mist coming out of r2’s front vents. I put the can inside anyway for demonstration purposes, but i have to press the trigger manually which is less fun…

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