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Prep for the 11th annual Maker Faire

In preparation for the Maker Faire I wanted to have some improvements over last year. I have been doing quite a bit, but not much documentation. I replaced my old light system with the fiber optics offered on the astromech forum. They are much nicer, but caused me power problems. I have rewired a little … Continue reading »

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Skirt Done, Body Done!

more progress adding caulk to the ribs and inside corners caulk by kimncris, on Flickr attaching the inside door detail (farewell to this clean door BTW – it is totally trashed as of now…) glue back panel by kimncris, on Flickr one of these doors I was lucky and the VHB worked, but the others … Continue reading »

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weekend of the skirt

been busy the last few days my little flat panel is not staying closed so I tried using these little magnets magnet by kimncris, on Flickr other magnet by kimncris, on Flickr that pretty much does the trick so I siliconed it in place silicone in place by kimncris, on Flickr I used a c … Continue reading »

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I didn’t have much time today, but I wanted to silicone a few panels in place and when I went out to the garage I found water all over the workshop water mess by kimncris, on Flickr good thing I had ole R2 out there to alert me to a serious problem before it got … Continue reading »

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