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Prep for the 11th annual Maker Faire

In preparation for the Maker Faire I wanted to have some improvements over last year. I have been doing quite a bit, but not much documentation. I replaced my old light system with the fiber optics offered on the astromech forum. They are much nicer, but caused me power problems. I have rewired a little … Continue reading »

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dome mostly done

kept on working on R2 this weekend attached some of the unpainted panels and the holo projector cones and lenses putting on some panels by kimncris, on Flickr cones siliconed by kimncris, on Flickr lens installed by kimncris, on Flickr a couple of minutes to work on the data panel built box around red LEDS … Continue reading »

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dome progress

over the weekend I continued on the dome I made these little styrene holders for my holo projectors bend plastic back frame by kimncris, on Flickr they are designed just to hold the cups snug to the inner dome goes in back frame by kimncris, on Flickr holes drilled by kimncris, on Flickr test install … Continue reading »

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big weekend

I had a nice weekend of nothing else to do to speak of, so I spent some time on R2 when I went to put the back door on I noticed that my fittings were starting to rust. Funny that the bar itself never rusted – it must have had a coating on it. anyway … Continue reading »

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arms installed

I spent about 20 hours a day this week not at home, so I didn’t have much desire to spend much time today working on anything, but I did manage to get a few more steps toward R2 today my octos were not as dark as the rest of the parts, so I repainted them … Continue reading »

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more blue

I had another free day so I tried to knock out some more blue parts I painted these chrome chrome paint by kimncris, on Flickr then dykem over the chrome one bllue by kimncris, on Flickr this one some dye seeped under the tape – I think I dripped out of the cup but I … Continue reading »

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a free sunday!

finally some free time on a weekend again, got to work on my horseshoes and the arms I taped off the outsides tape horseshoes by kimncris, on Flickr and chrome painted the insides chrome paint by kimncris, on Flickr painted chrome by kimncris, on Flickr then masked the chrome and painted white white horseshoe by … Continue reading »

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fixed wobbly feet and disassembled

rying to fix my wobbly legs I took the feet off and plugged the old holes – thanks to victor for that trick, glue in wood dowel by kimncris, on Flickr cut off the excess dowel cut off excess by kimncris, on Flickr marked the holes lower lower holes by kimncris, on Flickr I also … Continue reading »

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