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mist fail

well I guess with a success has to come a failure… I thought now that my servos are possible that I would try to get the mist effect working. I know that soleniod and arduino are dangerous bedfellows – and seeing how victor and mike did theirs basically just powering the solenoid with 12v via … Continue reading »

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lens fail

here is where being a cheapskate can bite you. looking around for cabochons for my home made HP I found what looked to be a much cheaper alternative to the Tapp plastics lenses at http://www.beadaholique.com/p-27868-…12-inch-1.aspx I actually found this supplier on my own through amazon, but then noticed it was also being discussed as an … Continue reading »

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large data port revisited

so you know I am procrastinating if I am contemplating making another part I already own. but the metal I bought was not big enough to do both the vents and the LDP. rats. but in an aha moment, I remembered the metal I bought to make my camera mounts that I never made. I … Continue reading »

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