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Celebrity Stories

Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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George Lucas

    Here's another fun story. Kim and I are members of a Star Wars Fan Club called the 501st Legion. Those people you see dressing up as stormtroopers and other baddies at conventions and charity events- that's us.
    Anyway, George Lucas was scheduled to present Ep III Revenge of the Sith to the attendees at ShoWest in Las Vegas and wanted to make a BIG impression. This is where it gets interesting! He called US! Well not US US, but the 501st US. This Was HUGE! Not only had George heard of our club, but he liked what we do and wanted us to come help him launch Episode III. How cool!?
    Sadly, Kim was not able to make it due to school conflicts, but Cris made the trek to Vegas with several other members of the Southern California Garrison and not only helped with the performance, but also got the opportunity to meet and greet with the Man himself and get a poster autographed .
     What an awesome adventure! Seriously- my childhood hero! Enjoy the pics :)


We actually got a second oppotunity for a photo at the Jules Verne Awards! This time I decided to kneel in front. No cut off heads in this photo :)