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Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Star Wars: CLONE WARS Premiere

    As members of the 501st we have been fortunate to live in LA where all of the "cool" events take place. OK so well, I missed out on doing the Deal or no Deal show and actually getting paid, but when Lucasfilm came calling again this time wanting clonetroopers, I knew I had to step up and get one done myself. With the help and guidance of Kevin Weir we had 15 perfect white clonetroopers all ready to go by the time Lucasfilm needed us - and The reward? We got to stand guard at the red carpet premiere of the new Clone Wars animated movie. This was a lot of fun as you can see from the pictures. I'm the clone with the long rifle...

Marching out with Mary Franklin

Standing at the ready. No real Celebs yet - so we were the celebs!

Seth Green Arrives. Gives Cris the thumbs up.

And presents his challenge coin. In the back you can see Matt Senrich has his too - so now I owe them both drinks... email me guys.

Commander Mary Franlkin

Forrest Whittaker arrives with his family.

George Lucas arrives with his family

Jamie King arrives with her family.

Ashley Eckstein - voice of Ahsoka

The voices of Anakin, Amidala and ObiWan: Matt Lanter, Cat Tabor, James Arnold Taylor

Keenen Ivory Wayans and family

George poses with his family. Hey maybe that makes me his nephew now????!?? Please Unckie George?

Rodney Peete and family

Holly Robinson Peete

a Special Thank YOU! to all of the press photographers who were there for taking such great pictures!