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Celebrity Stories

Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Johnny Depp

     Here's a fun little story. So here we were, Me happily working away at a friend's prop shop working on new costumes and Kim at home studying for finals when the friend says- "so do you wanna go meet the cast of Star Wars?" Believe it or not, it was a tough choice because Kim had her papers coming and we didn't exactly have passes but eventually we said- what the heck- lets do it!!
    So we piled in the car and made our way down to the Nickelodeon kids' choice awards hosted by Ben Stiller. Through some wheeling and dealing we were able to score some crew badges and the first thing we see once we get there is Will Ferrel backstage with no shirt on leaning out of his trailer. (little did we know that he had just been green slimed) We went in and watched the show.
     We had gotten there late due to the traffic, and just missed the Star Wars skit. BUT we did get to see Will Smith and at the end of the show the special guest turned out to be none other than Johnny Depp! (kim's boyfriend)? That would have been good enough- but it gets better. While hanging out backstage after the show to try to catch the Star Wars people, Cris happened to see a large crowd gathering and people coming away with signed photos. (apparently the autograph hound business is booming because these people came equipped!) Well we DID happen to have our camera, so we got Kim up close and managed to snap a couple of photos :)Enjoy!
















Well, not really Johnny, but we couldn't resist.... :)