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Celebrity Stories

Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Harrison Ford

    About a week ago the 501st got invited to participate in the 15th annual Jules Verne Adventure Awards. When we were invited to appear, we noticed that George Lucas and Harrison Ford were among the honorees. Needless to say- I was in awe the entire time and through a lucky chain of events was able to meet up with Harrison Ford backstage. He was extremely nice to everyone and we got the feeling that he would have stayed and talked quite a while if his "handlers" were not rushing him from photo op to photo op. He was very kind to take the time for this photo and even put his arm on my shoulder and shook my hand :) What a great experience to meed one of my childhood heroes.


and as if that weren't enough- we got the opportunity to get a photo with George himself!

Unlike last time when I was in the back- I got to kneel right in front this time :)