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Celebrity Stories

Fun stories about our various encounters with the rich and famous :)

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Quentin Tarantino

    This story comes just a couple of weeks after the George Lucas and Johnny Depp sightings. We were eating at our favorite mexican restaurant in Hollywood with our friends Josh and Yvette. We always have our eyes open there because occasionally you will see celebrities dining or drinking at the bar. All of a sudden, Cris (with his mouth full) starts pointing with his fork towards the hostess stand. Well this time it was academy award winning director, Quentin Tarantino!? We were WAY too nervous to go and try to talk to him, and since he was eating, we knew it would be a huge bother to him anyway.
     So somehow the 4 of us decided the best thing to do would be to send him a round of drinks. There were 3 people at the table- so it wasn't going to be cheap- but we just decided to go for it in the hopes that maybe he would stop by our table to say "thank you." In addition to the 3 tequila shots headed towards the other end of the restaurant, we ordered 4 more for our table. We all had drinks together! (at least that's how the story would be told later!)
     We waited and waited, but no visit from Quentin. Bummer. If we wanted to meet him, we just had to go up and say "hi." We tip-toed over and just what I feared would happen happened- they were annoyed. Then we mentioned the drinks. "HEY!!!!!! That was you guys?!? Thank you so much...that was really nice of you... etc etc..."
     Well that was such a blast. We exchanged our pleasantries and then headed home.  We even mentioned that he should put our favorite restaurant in one of his movies. We'll be waiting :) Sadly, we had no camera this time- so be on the lookout for an artist's reconstruction of the event soon!

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