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Star Wars Bikerscout


A quickie costume intended to go with the black jumpsuit I needed for my Biker Scout.

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I had gotten bored with wearing my stormtrooper and wanted something a little different and more compact to take to Star Wars Celebration 3.  The best thing I could think of was a Bikerscout.  There are fewer armored parts, and I was able to get both it and my Tie fighter parts into one suitcase for the journey to Indianapolis.

The hard parts were made for me by my friend Scott in Canada, but I still had to make the boots, the cummerbund, the blaster and the flight suit.  The ABS helmet also came as a kit and was a little bit of a challenge to put together, but all in all, it came out OK.

The boots are hiking boots covered with white vinyl, the flight suit is a black coverall with several of the pockets removed and re-positioned with flaps to more closely match the Tie Pilot suit for which it is shared.  The gun is completely scratchbuilt- you can see more about it in my props section.  The cummerbund was also sewn from scratch based on patterns lent to me by Tim Knapp.  Thanks, Tim!

Thanks also to John Bush who helped me find the right paint to give it that dirty "I've been riding around on my speeder all day" look.




since building my costume a few years ago, the belt started to crack. So Scott send me a new belt and I built it a little differently to hopefully help avoid cracking this time. I tried to paint it as close as possible to match my armor...