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Bite my shiny metal costume...

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Here are some pictures of the Bender costume I made.  I made the costume initially because I was inspired by the large scale costumes I saw in the 2003 Comic-con masquerade.  I was able to finish it in time to give him a test run at the Las Vegas Comic-Con on Halloween weekend. 

Unfortunately, I didn't know how it would turn out when I started, and I never took any pictures of the progress. But here are some details on the construction of the costume:

I was originally going with the silver duct material (like on a dryer) for the arms and legs I even had it bought, but when I found this rubber stuff (quite on accident) I took all of the aluminum foil looking stuff back.

For the head I made 2 circles from sintra and made several vertical supports between them to make the basic cylinder shape and covered it with a skin of thin styrene. I then made another circle, cut it in half and notched the 2 haves together to form an X for the basic structure under the dome. Then after some styrene strips over the top, some fiberglass underneath, and lots and lots of Bondo for the gaps and seams I had the head and dome.

The eye socket is heat shaped sintra covered with a skin of thin styrene. The eyeballs are 4" clear hemispheres from Micheals (fill it yourself Xmas ornaments) I painted them white, but finding the balance of enough paint to cover but not be too opaque was not easy. This was my third attempt.

The antenna is a threaded rod covered with bondo and sanded to the final shape.

For the mouth shape I cut out the basic hole from the styrene skin and then made a sintra framework covered with white fabric and black paint lines for the teeth that velcros in from the inside. This is where I will see out of the costume. I also cutout a portion of the lower jaw in the center and re-glued together to form a slight overbite.

The cigar is a novelty cigar from the Halloween store with some hot glue for ash and an LED and switch inside. There is a magnet on one end and a mating one behind the teeth.

The beer labels I made myself one from a screenshot and the other I just made-up

The body is constructed the same way as the head, styrene wrapped around a sintra framework and the arms and legs were originally painted but it kept flaking off, so I stripped all of the paint off and covered them with smooth gray vinyl tape.

the foot bowls are split up the back and snap back together, and also have a little semicircle in the toe area to hook under my boot to keep them from wobbling.

The shoulders I poured from grey flexible expanding foam into the same bowls I used for the feet, and spray painted the inside of the bowl first to get the grey "skin".

I also ran nylon webbing up the insides of the legs and arms with a snap on the ends to snap into a belt for the legs support and inside the shoulder area for the arms.

other than that it's alot of hot-glue, superglue, grey primer, and bondo. I also practiced with poster board before I started cutting shapes out of the styrene since it took almost 2 full sheets of styrene. I got a little bit thicker gauge like the thickness of the ABS armour out there for the body and also a little bit thinner gauge like a for sale sign for some of the outer skins since it is much more flexible.

I shaped most of the parts over the stove burner, but used a heat gun here and there too whenever I was trying to keep something from flexing back from the shape I had glued it into.

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