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We made Leela from Futurama to go with my Bender costume.  Leela is still largely a work in progress but Kim has been able to wear it out twice now.  Unfortunately the problem with Leela is that it renders Kim almost completely blind- thus making it not that fun to wear.

The hair was a standard purple party wig, but Kim had to add extensions for the pony tail.  Since the hair extensions were a different type it took some doing to make it look like all one hair-do.  I think she ended up having to iron out the fragile plastic hair little by little to get the right texture from the crepe hair...

The eyeball was originally a tap light.  When that didn't allow much visibility, we switched to the plastic blister pack from the same tap light cut a little bit smaller than the first version and painted with a very light dusting of white on the inside. Even though visibility was much better in early testing, she was blind once again when it was actually glued to her face.

Kim built up the eyelids by brushing on liquid latex over clay molded to a face cast that Darci (sheezapropstitute) from  HMS very graciously helped us make in our back yard.  Darci also came up with the technique Kim used to iron out the hair strand by strand.

The first outing with Leela was the City of Hope Cancer Survivors Picnic.  She was a big hit, even though she hand to be led by the hand.  The second new and improved Leela with the smaller "painted" eye bowed at Comic-Con Intl. in July 2005 but once again, visibility became an issue.

For version 3 we will be investigating foam latex, and more see-through materials for the eyeball.




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