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Leeloo from The 5th Element


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Kim had been wanting to do 5th Element costumes for a while for the Comic Con Masquerade.  Cris was supposed to be Zorg, but instead he made the Bender costume.

The trickiest part of the costume was the suspenders.  We had been hoping to get them from our friend Scott AKA Kropserkel, but he did not end up making them, so we had to attempt them ourselves. 

We duct-taped a t shirt to her and then traced our original outline on Kim with to get the pattern.

Then we made the an MDF (wood) version of the patten and molded it. We couldn't tell where they seamed it, but it looked like the tops of the shoulders, so we did it there and in the crotch, and on the hips.

The silicone we used was Flesh Effects silicone 8# 1310 from Sil Pak. It is translucent, and can be dyed. We dyed it with a mix of red and yellow silicone dye also from Sil Pak.

Their website was under constuction last time I checked (!) but I found this page which has some info

The best thing was that you can dye the silicone before you activate it, so you have lots of time to work and mix to get the color just right. The activator is clear, so it does not effect the color.

It took the full 24 hrs to cure, and our concrete floor was not 100% level, so they came out a little thicker at the shoulders than in other parts- a bummer. It's worth the time to level your work surface. We used spray vaseline to prevent the orange silicone from sticking to the blue silicone, and we molded the holes in place. Scott from studo creations cut the holes afterwards with a pipe I think when he made his version.

Even though we made the pattern ON Kim, we still had to cut some additional material away to get a tight fit. We then stuck the cut ends together with more silicone and they have not broken apart since!

Since silicone rubber was extremely expensive, we only poured the one set, so they ended up a little thick, but they still came out looking fairly decent.

We wore these costumes to the Vegas Comic-con halloween party.


 the molds

the final glued suspenders.