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Jack and Sally

                 This is Halloween!
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Jack and Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas


These costumes were the first "couples" costumes that we made. They were made for a halloween party quite a long time ago around the time that we were married.  We also tried wearing them to the very last Oingo Boingo concert at Universal Ampitheater, but security made Cris take off his mask so that was the end of that.  This picture was taken backstage at the 2001 Comic-Con Masquerade.  We did not win anything, but we made lots of new freinds.

The clothes were modified from things found at goodwill, and Kim added the stitching to the arms and legs by sewing yarn into nyons and a longsleeve shirt that we dyed blue.  Jack's head was made out of paper mache.

and here's one we found on the internet