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For an epic trip to Norway in May 2010 we decided build and take Snowtrooper costumes up to the top of the glacier in Norway where the Hoth Battle scenes were filmed in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

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30th Anniversary Snowtroopers

the basic armor we got in kit form from MonCal. It is a great kit - we highly recommend it.

The kits came with everything we needed to assemble the hard armor, all we had to do was make the dusters and pouches, put everything together and weather it. The boots are modified canadian army mukluks, so they were perfect for the climate we were heading into.

We finished about one month before the trip to Norway where we met with friends from around the world to celebate the 30th anniversary of the movie, visit the place where the famous battle scene was filmed and take a few pictures along the way.

here is a movie that we filmed while we were in Finse

Finse 720p from Cris Knight on Vimeo.


here is a link to our still photo gallery from the trip