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Star Wars Stormtroopers


Our First Star Wars Costumes.

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These were our very first Star Wars costumes which we wore to Comic-Con 2001.  We had also made our Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia costumes for the same convention, but this was the first time that we had dressed up in Star Wars cotumes together.  It almost didn't even happen since Cris sliced open his finger making last minute trims, but somehow we managed to stop the bleeding and get down to the convention center for the fun. 

This was and still is the kit you could find on Ebay that used to be made by "Galaxy Trading".  If you can still find one, they are very easy to put together and look great.  Many members of the 501st still use this one for trooping, including us :)

This was our very first 501st event.  The annual comic-con lunch at Dick's Last Resort.  We've worn them a million more times since then, but this was "Day One."

Note the tote-bag in these pics.  We were made fun of all weekend for this bag, but were vindicated by Star Wars Artist Joe Corroney :)

out very first picture with Darth Vader.