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Star Wars Tie Fighter Pilot


A quickie costume intended to go with the black jumpsuit I needed for my Biker Scout.

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Home built Tie Pilot

This was a companion costume I built to go with the soft parts needed for the Biker Scout.  I intentionally added the pointed leg pockets and the arm patches to make it look more like a Tie Fighter jumpsuit since I figured the white armor would hide these details when used with the Biker Scout.  I got the helmet as a Christmas present, and made only minor modifications to it adding some ventilation holes and fans and the metal pieces on the ears. (I made also made a third piece for the belt buckle detail)The soft vinyl helmet also came very warped and had to be bent back into shape and reinforced on the inside.  The hoses were millitary aircraft hoses I got from Richie's Armor.  They appear to have been blue or white originally but were painted black.

The box was made by vacuforming black plastic over some wood forms I made in my garage, and then I made all of the little switches and buttons from scrap plastic and metal I had from previous projects.  Thanks to John at Sci Fire once again for helping me with the vacuforming and the machining of the large gear part that would have taken me forever on my mini-lathe at home.

The armor was made from scratch using a friend's existing stormtrooper molds that we filled in with clay to make the flat back panel (not pictured, unfortunately).  Thanks to Tim Knapp and family for the help with the armor! The gloss black ABS is apparantly really hard to photograph, and never really looks as good in pictures as in real life.  These pictures are the best I was able to capture it...