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X Wing Pilot

this convention turned halloween costume was the first costume I made with our sewing machine. It was finished in time for our first trip to comic-con together in 2001.

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X-Wing Pilot

This is a costume I made based on the pictures in the Star Wars Visual Dictionary. Little did I know at the time that the Visual Dictionary has great pictures, but they are not exactly accurate to the movie. One highlight however is the lightsaber which was completely built from scratch out of found parts. A chrome sink tube, a torchiere lamp, nuts and bolts, a rubber floor mat etc. The light up blade was made from electroluminescent wire and a blue acrylic tube.

The costume has gone through a few changes over the years, the most recent change was the addition of the arm tool pocket for Halloween 2010 replacing the totally inaccurate travel documents that are depicted in the visual dictionary.

Here are a selection of pictures taken over the years of us wearing the X-Wing Pilot costume.

the first time wearing - for the first day at Comic-Con 2001.

the first time someone put a picture of me on the internet. This was

the first time we met our good friend Nikki

the first time we met R2D2 aka Kenny Baker

the first time we met chewbacca and boba fett aka Peter Mayhew and Jeremy Bulloch

at Star Wars Celebration 2

our Christmas card for 2002

Cris' dad dons the suit at a charity event

Kim at comic-con 2004 with a Parksaber

Kim at the Orange County Children's Orchestra (notice now that Kim has upgraded the vest to a more accurate nylon)

Kim and our good friend Yvette at the opening of Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith

a getty images shot of the whole group

with Mark Hamill

With Billy Dee Williams

meeting Senator Kennedy

Halloween 2010