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Star Wars Zam Wesell

       We made this costume to wear to Celebration 2 with
  about a month to go before the movie was released.  Little
  did we know that the character would die within the first
  houlf hour of the film!
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Zam Wesell

This was Kim's biggest project to date.  A massive undertaking of leather and custom parts that all had to be researched and made in less than a month.  The main problem was source material.  The Star Wars Visual Dictionary had not been released yet and there were only a few pictures in magazines and a few on what would become "The Dented Helmet" a Star Wars bounty hunter message forum.  

With a little help from local propmaker friends, and Renaissance Dancewear, we did "just"  finish the costume up enough to debut at Star Wars Celebration 2.  Most of the costume was made of Leather but the "metal" parts were made from Sintra and Resin and simply painted silver.  The gun was made by Cris and is featured in the props portion of this site.


we even made it into a couple of clips that aired on MTV and the E channel!  You can easily spot Kim in the group shot due to the bright purple outfit :) 


We've gotten lots of use out of this costume and Kim's even appeared on Star a couple of times.  Click the pictures to see the full size version....

Kim also was finally able to meet the actress Leanna Walsman at Celebration 3 several years later where she wore the costume one last time.

here is a candid shot from C2 - at Steak & Shake :)