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Making replica movie props is fun!




We have stumbled into quite a few varied interests over the past 10 years of marriage (yes it's been 10 years already!!) and have collected a lot of information. One such interest is making and collecting replica (and screen used if we should be so lucky) motion picture and television props.

Here are a few examples of some replica props we have made

Cowboys and Aliens
Jake's Alien Gauntlet Weapon

Star Wars
Biker Scout Pistol
Zam Wesell Pistol
Zam Wesell Rifle

Fifth Element
Mul-tee-passss, Korben Dallas gun!

Jurassic Park


Dr Who
Sonic Screwdriver


Please note: Although we may seem to have made a lot of stuff, most of it is for our own enjoyment. So the .com portion of our domain name is really the same- just for fun. We are not actually selling anything...