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5th Element Multipass

Say it with us: Mult-ti-pass.  It was something we wanted forever, and it just never became available.  I only wanted to do it if we could make it light up- so mine's a little thick, but at least it lights up...

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Home-Made Multipass

Originally this was built up from scratch using various small pieces of plastic assembled in layers.  For the finished piece I made a mold and cast it in resin, but the molded pieces ended up needing a lot more cleanup than I had hoped for and never made any more than just the one.    The light is a frosted piece of plastic over a couple of small flat LEDs and the bettery is behind the yellow button with a spring in-between it and the electical contact.  Also you can see that orignially I had thought that the grey primer color would be best, but the graphite metallic color we found later seemed to match more of the scenes from the movie a little better.



Here Kim shows off here multipass and Leeloo costume at the Vegas comic-con Halloween party.