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Star Wars Zam Wesell Pistol

This was something that I knew Kim was going to need to go with her Zam costume.  Since I had just gotten my lathe and was learning how to use it- I decied to give it a try.

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Home-Made Zam Wesell blaster pistol

I made this in my garage in about a week and then a friend introduced us to the magic of Renshape(tm) protoyping material while helping to make the handle.  Everything on this gun was built from scratch except for the small screws in the side of the hande.

The schematics below are the measurements for this gun only and don't really match up the the real prop which we found out later was a little bit larger- but for Kim, this size ended up being perfect.


At the time we needed to make this pistol this was about the only reference out there aside from a few blurry shots in a magzine...


so from that, I tried my best to size it to fit Kim and went from there...

Click the pics for larger images.