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wk7_suzie_perf.wmv"Start me up"

wk6_jordis_perf.wmv "Knockin' on Heaven's Door"

wk6_suzie_perf.wmv"Bring It On Home ToMe

wk6_marty_perf.wmv "Hit Me Baby One More Time"

wk6_mig_perf.wmv"Baby I Love Your Way"

wk6_ty_perf.wmv"Maggie May"


wk4_jordis_perf.wmv"The Man Who Sold The World"

wk4_suzie_perf.wmv"Get Back"

Week1_heatherperformance.wmv"Somebody to Love"

Week1_jordisperformance.wmv "Heart Shaped Box"

Clip3_SuzieMcNeil.wmv  "Bitter Tears"

Clip9_TyTaylor.wmv  "No Woman No Cry"

wk4_ty_elimperf.wmv  "Kick"

wk2_ty_perf.wmv  "Somebody Told Me"

Clip3_Suzie.wmv  "Never Tear Us Apart"

Clip9_Marty.wmv  "Trees"

Clip10_Marty.wmv  "Trees Acoustic"

Clip8_Jordis.wmv  "Imagine"

Week 6 Suzie  "By My Side"

Week 7 Marty  "Don't Change"

Clip8_Suzie.wmv  "Bohemian Rhapsody"