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Paris Travel Tips

Welcome to our travel tips section. Here is where we share some of the places and things we found and learned on our 2005 Trip to Paris, France!

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Driving Tips, from experience....

we had our own little adventure, here's some things we learned- or so we think:

To avoid Paris driving when renting a car to get out of town, try an agency in the outlying area.  We rented our car from AVIS in Neuilly Sur Seine.  This was basically, La Defense.  It made it very easy to get out of town with minimal Paris craziness...

tel 0820 61 16 12
99 Ave Charles De Gaulle
Neuilly Sur Seine 92200

A Red cirle with a number is the speed limit.  A Black Circle with the number and a "seat belt" means "end of" speed limit zone.

yes, they drive on the right side of the road in France.

When you get to a traffic circle, you have to yield to the cars already in the circle.  Once you are in, the entering cars have to watch out for you.  We got the hang of them pretty quickly, and they did make some sense at intersections out in the country, but I still want nothing to do with the one at Arc de Triumph / Charles-de-Gaulle Etoile.

A sign with the name of a city and a slash through it means that you are now leaving said town.

The A13 (and we must assume that so are many others) is a toll road and there is a toll booth not too far outside of Paris that charges in the neighborhood of 5 euros.  We assume that this is what the word "peage" meant on the bottom of the road sign-yet we did not find out until it was too late.  They do have booths that accept paper money though.

Here is a website that will calculate the route and the toll for you in advance and is also in english