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Paris Travel Tips

Welcome to our travel tips section. Here is where we share some of the places and things we found and learned on our 2005 Trip to Paris, France!

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38 rue St. Louis en L'Ile (Ile St. Louis) Metro: Pont Marie

01 46 33 30 00




Bernard Lefranc's nice little shop was barely big enough for 3 people to stand inside at once, so there were frequently lines out the door waiting to get some of his wonderful cheese.  We visited Mr. Lefranc 3 times to get the wonderful cheeses and meats for our picnics. He was extremely friendly and very excited about his cheeses to the point where it got a little difficult to understand all of the details he was sharing about the different varieties he had on display.  At least our French was good enough to let him know that Kim is allergic to blue cheese and that on the day we were treking it up to Montmartre we wanted only firm cheeses.  After that- he did the rest, listening to what we liked and disliked and selecting several small pieces for us to try.  None was ever more than a few Euros each.  I'm not 100% sure of the address but Mr. Lefranc is right next door to the Martin boulangerie.

A Picnic from Martin Boulangerie and B Lefranc.    A soft creamy chevre unlike any other I've had - yum!



40 rue St. Louis en L'Ile (Ile St. Louis) Metro: Pont Marie
01 43 54 69 48

This is where we got our daily bread and our pronunciation corrected.  The bread was nice and crunchy on the outside and light as a cloud on the inside.  A whole baguette about 2 feet long cost a mere .85 Euros or thereabouts and is baked fresh daily.  Combine this with M. B Lefranc next door and voila- instant picnic.


Gelati e Delizie D'Italia
47 rue Saint Louis en L'Ile 4eme (Ile St. Louis) Metro: Pont Marie
01 44 07 48 08


While we found the famous Berthillon ice cream down the street to be quite good, we also rarely seemed to find them open.  Amorino to the rescue!  Amorino served authentic Italian Gelato until midnight every night.  This was often our last stop of the day before heading back to the room to update the travel journal.


35 rue des deux ponts 4eme (Ile St. Louis) Metro: Pont Marie
01 40 51 78 18

Lots and lots of locally made candies and confections.  I loved the sour gummy apples.



37 rue de la bucherie  Left Bank just across from Notre Dame. Metro: St. Michel Notre Dame
01 43 25 40 93

English language books and lots of them.