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Neuralyzer Electronics

I got this kit from a friend on the RPF but it did not come assembled and it did not come with any method of making the white flash.

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Flashy Thing.

I really wanted my Neuralyzer to light up and flash, so I spent a long time trying to figure out how to salvage a camera flash from a disposable camera. The problem is, these come with a MASSIVE capacter that even when I DID somehow manage to shoehorn that thing in there, it took up so much room that there was no room for anything else. I wanted the panel to light up too, so I decided to try using LEDs.

LEDs are not anywhere near as bright, and with the tiny capaciter, it is not blinding by any means, but it did in-fact finally light-up and flash for a time. The battery has since died, so it works no more. I need to take it apart some day and insert a new one, but at least I know that in practice that this diagram is solid and will fit inside the neuralyzer kit.

here is the schematic

on the breadboard

lights off

and with the push of the button

and one small pic of the final display. The flash area lights red with one of the red LEDS and it is replaced by the white flash when you press the button. This pic was taken by the kit designer

and this is my buildup

apparantly- all of the pictures I took while the thing was working are absolutely horrid...I'll have to correct that someday.

P.S. if you put a magnet in the stand, it will turn off when you set it down and on when you pick it up!