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Biker Scout Helmet

This helmet kit was made from scratch by a friend to go with the Biker Scout armor that I also got from him.  Here is a little step by setp tutorial I made from the photos I took while making it.

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Biker Scout Helmet

Since this was a fan-made item (and a VERY WELL made one at that) it did not come with instructions and assembly was rumored to be difficult. It was not easy to put together that is for sure, and some of the parts did not fit 100% on the first try, but by taking my time, when I finished it, it pretty much looked like what it was supposed to be.

Here are some progress pics I took while builkding the helmet.  As you can see I made a bunch of mistakes and even though the visor fit perfectly before I added the faceplate, after the faceplate was glued it somehow was skewed to the left.  It might have been better to glue the faceplate first before trimming the visor.

Also- I have not added any foam or fans yet.  This is just the kit assembled as it came.

here are the basic parts

first I trimmed all of the pieces with an exacto knife.

I like the score and snap method.









once everything was trimmed I sanded all of the edges.

then I started fitting the pieces together

any parts that did not quite fit I heated up slightly to help bend them to shape

here you can also see i made a little pink mark on each part to help line up the parts for gluing

You have to hold hte parts in place for at least 5 mins.   Longer if the glue is still soft, or else they will pull apart when you glue the sides.

I also used a little superglue to help the hold at the corners.

one side and then the other

here I messed up and glue squeezed out.  I sanded it off later.

then I started trimming the visor to fit the dome

I drilled the hole through both parts at the same time

you can see at first the parts fit exactly- but trimming them this close does not allow the visor to raise up.

so more trimming- a little at a time until I was satisfied.

once I had it trimmed, I found that one of my holes could be moved back a little for a better fit.  Since it was so close to the first one, I backed up the hole with anoher piece of plastic.

this much gap makes it a little easier to raise the visor.

on to the faceplate

I taped it to check the fit with the rest of the helmet before glue.

the little overlap can be trimmed to line up straight with the visor after gluing.

marked with a pencil where to glue

now I have cut the side vents open with the same xacto method.

to attatch the lens, I first tacked the center with some hot glue

then worked around a little a time.  I used tape to hold it down while the glue cooled.

there IS a gap, but it is really hard to see.  I don't mind the gap because it helps the fogging problem and it is almost impossible for people to see unless they are looking for it.

screen folded over twice (4 layers) is glued in behind the vents.

then the visor is screwed on.  I hot glued the posts on the inside to keep the nuts on and to keep them from scratching me accidentally.

now you can see the alignment problem I created by gluing the visor to the faceplate after trimming.

I ground down the screws a little to make room for the caps.

the caps are just washers covered with tape.  I didnt like the little domes that came with the kit.

I tacked the front detail on with a little hot glue (I also put on the stickers- a major pain in the butt)

then drilled a hole in both the helmet and the resin part for a small wood screw.

I only put velcro on 1 side because it is really strong and I think it would be almost impossible to raise and lower the helmet with it on both sides.  We shall see after some trooping...

and the finished kit.