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Biker Scout Pistol

This was made from scratch to go with the Biker Scout armor that I got from a friend.  Here is a little cut and paste tutorial I made from the photos I took while making it.

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Biker Scout Pistol

Here's a quickie tutorial I did when I made my scout blaster.

A couple of the things that are not shown in the tutorial below are the Scope rings and the make and model of the transistor.

These are the "Tasco 1" Weaver-Style Rings" I used which can be bought from

and this is the transistor I used, which I found at Fry's Electronics  

The scope I got from a friend on the RPF (See links to the right) which is a resin cast of a real "Single Point Red Dot" scope. I'm not sure of the exact model number but AO3500 is stamped into the bottom of the scope. The rest of the gun was made from scratch as shown below from Renshape, aluminum, delrin, and wood. I just used whatever I had laying around in the garage...

some done pics